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Feedback from Rise Art

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Sometimes I get feedback I am glad to receive and other times I get helpful feedback that I didn’t like to receive when I post my work on Rise Art. I like to be liked…

wishful thinking

and I like it when my work is liked. So naturally, I expect that when I see the votes (on Rise Art you can vote for work by clicking on a tick or a cross) 100% will be favourable, and it never works out that way. Sometimes only just over half of viewers clicked favourably, and often those are the works I like the best! It can be discouraging.

When I posted my Wakefield Bridge recently, I got some favourable interest and some helpful comments.

Wakefield Bridge, 2011, acrlylic on canvas, 81cm x 81cm

I was unsure about the hardness of the hard edge direction I am beginning to take ( I have mentioned it before), and to hear others like Matt Selby and David Riley say that they think it is a good direction is appreciated.

Written by Andy Parkinson

October 10, 2011 at 7:00 am