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More Pinks

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Yesterday I wrote about Rachael Pinks‘ painted collage works on paper  at Wirksworth Festival. I said that the shapes of each piece seemed to grow out of their own making, resulting in more or less rectangular pictures, with irregular edges.

Rachael Pinks, Curled up, Acrylic and Collage on Paper, 14 x 19cm. Image by courtesy of the artist

There was also a painting that didn’t have these collage and sculptural qualities. Slightly larger than the other works, acrylic painted on canvas, mounted on board, it has fewer of the landscape associations for me.

Rachael Pinks, A Thimble Full of Red, Acrylic on canvas on board, 33.5 x 27cm. Image by courtesy of the artist

In a way, more abstract, more clearly a composition of rectangular shapes of various sizes and colour, it still looks like it was arrived at rather than pre-planned. If I wanted to read it as landscape I could wonder if the larger shape is a building with other buildings around and possibly a flag or two, the blue ground possibly has some sea or quay side associations like yesterday’s collages. But this reading is, for me, less insistent. It might be more about how the little red squares assert themselves and how the larger red-ish rectangle behind the white attempts to push forward, to gain our attention. Maybe I am reading in content of a different sort if I suggest that it may be about struggle and resolution.

Written by Andy Parkinson

September 16, 2011 at 8:00 am