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Generative Collaboration

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I borrowed the term ‘generative collaboration’ from Robert Dilts, who is using it a lot just now. One of the best workshops I ever attended was one of his in 2006 at PPD Learning, London, entitled The Artistry of Change. The many activities we did included one where, working in pairs, taking turns, one person would make a physical gesture or movement, and then the other person would repeat it and add some more, the first person would then copy what had been created so far and then add more, to and fro, the sequence of gestures quickly becoming a complex pattern or dance. It was great fun, over 100 people doing weird things all over the place … and laughing…lots! During that exercise I learned what an effective collaboration could be like.

A few weeks ago Joshua Sellers and I met via the medium of WordPress blogs, and he suggested that we collaborate on a video, featuring his music and my art work. I was already a fan of his music and had previously suggested that what he was doing in sound was what I had been wanting to achieve visually. It hadn’t occurred to me that we could put the two together (though it seems obvious now).

you can see the result of our collaboration at earscapes.


Written by Andy Parkinson

September 14, 2011 at 7:33 am

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