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Seeing Angel and People by Mali Morris

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I have been interested in the paintings of Mali Morris since she was a visiting lecturer and tutor at Trent Polytechnic when I was studying Fine Art there a long time ago.

Angel and People 1979, Acrylic on Canvas, 180 x 171 cm, Purchased 2009 by Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales, with the assistance of the Derek Williams Trust, Image by courtesy of the artist

It was through her that I got my introduction to abstract painting. She was a wonderful teacher. What I remember most about her was her openness to everything as far as inspiration was concerned. She encouraged me to look at work that I would never have thought to look at, and to see patterns that connect very disparate genres.

I learned from her (whether she actually said it or not I don’t know – I have a very good constructive memory) that a shape drawn and ‘coloured in’ is very different to shape that is allowed to ‘find itself’. Even if she never said it I can hear her saying it when I paint even today.

I just telephoned the National Museum, Cardiff to find out whether her Angel and People, 1979, is currently on display, and although it is not, they have kindly agreed to take me into the store to have a look at it when I visit in August!

Written by Andy Parkinson

July 17, 2011 at 7:46 am

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